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Ginrot / Dec 04, 2016 / Gurubasher
Wrath of the Lich King server with a slight twist. You know that time you were killing tigers in Stranglethorn Vale? Some guy came up and started killing all your quest mobs. Well now with Gurubasher, no matter horde or alliance you can kill that guy. Take back your farming ground, defend your honour and rise above the mediocrity. FFA system allowing both cross-faction grouping, but also revenge on players of your own faction.

Currently, the server is going through test phases, the last one being a day ago. Though short it gave me a sense of what will come. Once you're in the normal 10+ zones, Westfall, Darkshore, Barrens etc. you will be able to fight each other without hindrance. Orcs running down Blood Elves, Gnomes being permanently on the wanted list. It feels like a natural way to evolve WoW servers, a feature that I'm sure we've all dreamt about.

With the dawn of this server, so too is it the dawn of a new guild. Our guild "Potions and Poison" let it be known - we have arrived.

- Ginrot


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